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It started with a meeting many years ago - Ned spent some time with a farmer on an enormous ranch in Texas, when compared to the UK Ned reckoned the ranch was closer to a small country. The rancher had farmed cattle for nearly 60 years and was still not even close to retirement, yet he told Ned how he felt sorry for the farmers back in ‘old’ England having to deal with the outbreak of ‘Mad Cow Disease or BSE’. He was bang up to date with farming issues on the other side of the world and genuinely concerned. Immediately farming was not about one person working the land it was a global family, handling undoubtedly the most important industry on earth. Although most farmers are born into the lifestyle it’s hard work whether you’re in The United States, the rolling green hills of England or working a meager existence on the slopes of an arid mountainside or even the parched land of East Africa. The farming family is there, feeding the families of others despite the limitations and pressures to produce. And those demands are mounting, what with trade wars, tariffs, climate change and natural disasters - the world remains hungry and waiting.

The Ned Natter Show takes us away from the doom and gloom for a moment, Ned Natter might be a bit out of date, but he still picks up on the changes in our world, some interesting and many simply ludicrous, he’s there to see you through the lot and delivers the laughter we all need in these complicated, perhaps uncertain times. He even longs to get into that lonely 16 square feet of tractor cab and put on smile on the faces of those at the frontline of agriculture - farming is not an online game, there’s no ‘app’ for farming and it needs new blood. Ned Natter offers an escape for a moment and at the end of each show he summarizes the situation in one sentence - so until next time, keep a smile on your face, think positive and don’t sweat the small stuff, the grass is not always greener on the other side it might just be a freeway!

Right now we need farmers more than ever, give a thought to those who put their hearts, souls and lives into the land. From our family to yours it’s Ned Natter with The Ned Natter Show, every Wednesday at

The statistics:
US farmers are mostly white and over 50 many are way into their 70’s

[USDA Census of Agriculture 2017 - issued April 2019],_Chapter_1_US/usv1.pdf

[Washington Post article]

Farm Profits and exports are down
[Forbes Article]

Farm debt suicides and hardship is mostly up
[USA Today Article]

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Click the chicken to download The Ned Natter Media Kit
About Ned and Rush
He’s tall, skinny and scruffy, he has long sideburns and unkempt hair, he wears a traditional smock top and brown trousers, big steel toe shite kickers the leather’s gone, with laces made of old orange or fluorescent pink twine, he doesn’t seem to go anywhere without his pitchfork [shite-fork]. Born on a farm in Dorset on the south coast of England, there was a rumor that Ned was born in a stable, but the truth is simple Ned was born in the same hay barn he was conceived in, nine months later and five months after his parents got married.
Rush "To The Restroom" Exclusively on the Ned Natter Show
Me guest political correspondent and incontinent has to rush to the bathroom frequently and never quite finishes his commentary. He was born in Grundy County TN and did spend years in DC, only not lobbying, he was a conservative senator’s chauffeur, all those long waits caused Rush to get a weak bladder. But when a little scandal blew up - see Rush knew everywhere the Senator went, he drove him there, old Rush got a nice pay off and bought a small farm in Florida. Still all those years of rhetoric have rubbed off on Rush and he still chats to like-minded folks in DC, so his opinions are up to date but always a little out of whack too!
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